Home Learning

Learning from home when done right can lead to a lifetime experience of learning and guaranteed success.

How to Overcome the Fear of Teaching your Own Kids

My mom is a public school teacher for 5th and 6th grade, specializing in Science. Her worst nightmare is one of her children to get a failing grade in Science. Up to 4th grade, I was enrolled on the same school where she teach. When I reached 5th grade, she decided to move us to…

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How to start a great handwriting skill

Kids with great handwriting sets them way up apart. It is no longer a common skill. In fact, It is becoming an endagered skill. After all we are in the age of computers. But as someone passionate about learning, a beautiful handwriting is not only a form of art but a one of a kind…

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Learning History

For visual learners, this is how we study history. Not only for my daughter but also for me. I like History very much. But having studied in the Philippines, I have only studied Philippine History (off course), Asian History, and World History. World History touches mostly how the world was discovered. Barely remembering if United…

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Learning About Civil War

I was excited to learn more about civil war. I knew that it is about slavery and Abraham Lincoln. But that is all I know. Learning Civil War – 1861 to 1865 – with my 4th grader was again another good feeding to my brain wanting to learn more about the US History. So that…

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Start your Home Learning in 3 Steps

We understand that learning from home is overwhelming. This is why we have summarized in three steps. In the next few minutes we encourage you to have an open mind and prepare to be transformed with our 3 simple steps.  Step 1: Transform your mind from school to learn While school focuses on achievement and…

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One Day at a Time

Each day is different. Take learning one day at a time. Soak in to what a day can offer. We have put together a snippet of our daily learning to inspire our readers to take on learning one day at a time. You will be surprised that most of our learning are done outside the…

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