Morning Walks

With two toddlers running around the house, the best time to have quiet time is either early in the morning or very late at night. I’m usually very tired at night, so that I try to keep up with an early morning quiet time.

Sitting on the comfortable couch doesn’t really help a lot. It does probably for 5 minutes and then I should keep going. The solution, morning walks! Daily morning walks give me the 20 to 30 minutes exercise that I need everyday and also gives me a refreshing time with God.  If I get sunshine, I get a bonus dose of Vitamin D.

It is like walking with God everyday and talking to him like a walk-mate.

So, if you see me walking around the lake and see me talking alone, ignore! It’s my quiet time and it works for me. Chances are I’m still sane, just talking to my creator.

Though I take almost the same route everyday, every walk is different. Wow, God and I never really run out of topic. From time to time, God sends people along the way. Some waves at me, some manages to talk and say “hi”, and some manages to say more than “hi”.

This morning was rather different. Being on late shift (doesn’t start until 11:30AM) and kids still sleeping, I have plenty of time to spare.  So I decided to take a different route from my usual one, a longer route indeed. I also tag along my camera so that I could take some pictures now that trees are beaming with different leaf colors.

I thought I’d share some pictures.

The red color on this tree makes it stand out, and the lake on the background was an additional.
The combination of orange, green, yellow and brown makes this scene stand out. It only took me one shot to capture it and I thought I need not make a second shot.
Pathways! There is something about pathways that I like. I don’t know, it is probably something that tells me, “there is a way”.
What is fall without pumpkins? The orange color adds vibrant to an already colorful surroundings.

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