Homeschooling is More Than Most Think

Most would think that homeschooling is simply about taking kids out of school, let them stay at home, start learning at 8:45AM and should end at 3:30PM. That should be Monday to Friday from September to June. Oh, most would also think that their kids should be learning the same lessons that students from regular school should learn. If anyone would go outside of these boundaries, they are already failing their kids.

I have the same thoughts like this before I start homeschooling. To be honest it is a bit hard to overcome. Adding to that is that my eldest had a taste of a regular school for a year and she kept comparing how her regular school looks like compared to what we have at home. I kept going anyway.

Attending a homeschool convention changed the way I think about homeschooling. I felt a sense of freedom! Wow, there is so much curriculum that My kids could choose from. My kids do not have to stick in one curriculum. They could have Math from one provider, Bible from another provider, reading and phonics from another, spelling from another. The list never ends. I even found curriculum for teaching chess, music, etc.

I thought homeschooling gives freedom to learn. Kids can learn what they like to learn with supervision from parents. Different curriculum from different provider is just actually a start! There is more! There is the entire world to conquer. There are leaning just everywhere. The only limit we could have is our imagination. But keep those imagination flowing and the learning becomes more interesting!

Oh, and I also stopped comparing my kids to those who attends the regular school. Who cares what they are learning. We learned that (see, we are learning, too!)  that since we started looking at learning differently, we also started to see the best in our kids. Things that they could do and things that brings out the best in them. Good news is that freedom in learning gives them the ability to decided on some matter that excites them, and learn them as part of their growing process.

Published by Cris.Joy

Information Technology Director, by day. Writer and website builder at night. Mom, Wife, and homeschool teacher in between.

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