Learning History

For visual learners, this is how we study history. Not only for my daughter but also for me. I like History very much. But having studied in the Philippines, I have only studied Philippine History (off course), Asian History, and World History.

World History touches mostly how the world was discovered. Barely remembering if United States was even mentioned. So that learning US History with her is like a homeschooling treat. Since her US History is Christian-based, there are portions that tell about how Christianity came and propagated in the country. Did I ever know that Harvard University was originally created for missionary students?

Even when my daughter has already watched her daily video lesson, we would still sit together and plot together a chapter of her history book into something like this. It helps her learn the map and visualize the history that comes with it. She remembers it better as well.

For this visualization we are learning about how the nation grew. From the original 13 territories to the northwest territory after the war of Independence. It continues on to the Louisiana Purchase up to the Oregon Country.

This kind of learning helps us both. I’m able to review her for coming tests. Both of us in return appreciates it, and even ask questions to each other. The learning interaction is great. I like the way she asks questions. If I don’t know the answer, I would tell her that we find it together. Since she knew that we are both learning the same for the first time excites her more. Making History class more memorable.

Next chapter, the Civil War.

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