Finding Purpose in Our Blessings

It has been three weeks since I have learned about my work promotion. While it is meant to be days of fulfillment, the past two weeks went on with a lot of processing.

Don’t get me wrong. When I learned about the promotion, my family celebrated. With a grateful heart we can only think of the good things that comes with it. It was a hard work compensated, and another opportunity awaits.  When it start to sink in, however, I started asking questions.

Does it mean more work? Does it mean we have to change logistics? Will it lessen my time with my family? Will it unbalance the attention that I have with my kids? In other words, my husband and I didn’t have peace amidst that blessing. So that after the celebration and gratefulness, it is followed by days of discerning, processing and listening.

We have tendencies to find purpose during difficult times, that we forget to find purpose amidst our blessings.

Going back to Our Core and Purpose

My husband and I have always agreed that we live with purpose. This allows us to honor God, each other and the kids. This is while pursuing the gifts that were entrusted to us. It gave us opportunities to extend and share our blessings to others by giving. So that any changes or challenge that comes our way, we process it by asking one question, “What is the purpose of this?”

These processing yielded enormous understanding of what is yet to come. In fact, it led us to a renewed mind. We started looking at this blessing with a vision, even going beyond our purpose that we have always known.

Work promotion is not just about the title, or the additional salary, or even the additional work that comes with it. It is another level of opportunity to make a difference in a bigger audience. It is an opportunity to look beyond our team and company. It is also about making a difference in our community, going beyond our own world.

Getting out of Our Comfort Zone

We are currently in our comfort zone. A comfortable living gifted with the gift of giving. Our giving is in full swing. Although we still want to give more, we claim to be in a very good place.

Throughout all the discerning we figured that there is beyond the gift of giving. We are in good place so that we can extend our ministry through our workplace, and community. This means getting us out of our comfort zone.

It scared us at first. At least for me, and I can sense his. Probably an unspoken fear for each of us. But as soon as the whole purpose clears up, the peace of God settles in.

Leading and Inspiring the Next Generation

I could have been comfortable with what I was doing at work – mostly talking to the computers. But there is a greater purpose to lead and minister to younger generations in my workplace, and in my community.

It is an opportunity to help empower the next generations. So that when it is their time to lead, they would lead with purpose, too.

Leading a team is switching from manager-subordinate professional paradigm to something wherein mentor-mentee relationship is being built. A mutual symbiotic relationship that builds a community like interaction. This, I believe, will help bridge the gap between generations in the workplace. To be part of each other’s learning story. We do not only teach the younger generation but learn from them as well.

What dawn to us is that God can empower us not in only places of worship but also in our workplace, in our school, or in our community. We definitely don’t want to miss that chance, even when it means going out of our comfort zones.

Is your office offering you a leadership position at work? This is God’s way of empowering you. So that you can lead more people in a way he wanted it to be. When he calls you to it, he will equip you.

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Information Technology Director, by day. Writer and website builder at night. Mom, Wife, and homeschool teacher in between.

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