Day 0: Take Off

Start your school year with an intentional goal.  Maneuver your home school to more learning that schooling to fulfill a calling to teach, and to embrace the gift of learning as a family. Start with a right mindset and break forth through a journey only few families dare to take. Those who take the courage to start traveling the road less travelled finds a more fulfilling learning experience.

Our home learning is gearing towards outside, literally. No longer bounded inside the walls of home but exploring and investigating God’s world around us by going outside more.

We took off on our Day 0, believing that zero is both nothing and a great multiplier.

Our Day 0 started after Sunday church. We drove for a quick trip to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences to check the natural resources that North Carolina has to offer. We first went to the Prairie Ridge Ecostation which is few miles outside of the city in search for a blooming golden rod. It was all hot and humid but saw a couple of golden rod but not in a bloom state yet.

We went to the main museum and it surprised us, totally! One of the tiny exhibit that caught our attention is the tiny butterfly section which houses butterfly species common in North Carolina. Among them are painted lady butterfly,  black swallowtail, and monarch.

This is the museum’s butterfly section. It is tiny but features some butterfly species common in North Carolina. 

The best part of our Day 0 was when our 3rd grader went to us and said, “I’m very happy that we are doing this museum trip as a family.” We know that we are on the right track.


Believe in the power of home. Hold on to the perfect plan for family that God has intended it to be during creation. Even when it is not perfect. Eventually, it will be. Embrace your calling. Believe that kids you’re learning with are being prepared for a higher calling, even higher to what you’re being called.  Let your expectation be a singular focus towards God. Let your love, and patience be an infinite plural. Allow every field trips become a family trip. They may not remember what they have learned in the trip but they will always remember the memories you have made together. Learn with them every single day. Discover with them. Laugh with them. Make mistakes with them. Hug and kiss them every single moment, because you certainly can. When a concept is hard, all they really need is that hug telling them they are loved.

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