Day 4: “When Gold and Bugs Unite”

Did I mention we love science?

Abeka’s 5th grade science suggested to find a golden rod jungle to observe the bugs that comes to visit. It is one of those amazing relationship that God has created. The golden rod – with its bright golden color – attract different kinds of bugs, and offer its nectar. In return, bugs would carry out the pollination to create more flowers. Neat.

So I went crazy looking for a golden rod! I was a like hawk looking at every corner. Went to several parks, drove to state parks. Found one in Kernersville’s Botanical Garden but it  hasn’t bloom yet.

And finally, after going crazy for a little bit, we found one in the William B. Umstead State Park. It is right in front of park’s visitor center.

Here are some of the videos that I have taken, and used in my class to investigate a golden rod.

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