Day 8: “The Ring”

Our 4-year old keep coming back to our front window. Using her two small hands she keeps putting her window like she puts a hand print on it over and over. My thoughts were that she wanted to go outside.

I went to her to give her a big hug. Before I can do that, I was easily startled with the brightness in our front-side. Immediately realizing that the trees in the woods beside our house is almost gone!

The building of the Phase 3 in our community has started. Our street needs to continue to have more that two houses, and ends with a cul-de-sac. It was a bittersweet moment realizing it.

While my older daughter was looking at the window for what it remains, she noticed an object. She came to me and said, “Mom, I think I saw something that can be added to our museum.”

With curiosity, I asked, “Which one?”

She walked towards the front window and pointed to the piece of a tree trunk. “You know we are able to count the rings on the tree trunk and that would tell us how old the tree is.”

“If we also look closely, the thickness of each ring will tell us how much rainfall  and sunlight the tree received during that year,” she added.

So we immediately stopped with what we were doing. We grabbed the manifying glass, a pencil and a paper. Off we go outside to start counting the rings on the tree trunk and determining the thickness of each of the ring.

We counted 20 rings which makes the tree 20-year old.

That three trunk became the highlight of our day, which made us forget for a while that the woods in our side is gone.

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Information Technology Director, by day. Writer and website builder at night. Mom, Wife, and homeschool teacher in between.

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