Day 9: “The Blessing of Homeschooling”

On our Day 9, we decided to join a camping trip with fellow homeschoolers that we haven’t met. It was a 3 days/2 night trip but we forego of the first night. We came Saturday morning, stayed overnight and left Sunday morning.

We didn’t have a lot of expectations on this one since we don’t know who will be there. We drove an hour to Jordan Lake State Park. We went to a wrong camping site but eventually found ourselves to the right one.

We were not able to have a lot of conversation with other families because we were separated on a different camping group site (yeah consequences of being late!). However, we did have some quality conversations during the socials on Saturday night.

One of the family took a notice of our 4-year-old who was running around, and doesn’t mingle with each other. Without saying a lot they knew that she is a little bit different from her sisters. While I was waiting for some kind of suggestions, I heard a better comment. “She is very blessed that  you can homeschool her.”

I was quiet for a while absorbing those words. They are right, my daughter is blessed to be homeschooled. God blessed us with a homeschooling heart because God knew that a “different” child will be in our custody. She will be raised and taught in a home that can understand and love her.

“That’s true,” I said. “If I put her to regular school, she might not get the attention that she needs,” I added. Our conversation centered about the blessings of homeschooling.

It was short but sweet conversation.

I hold on to those words whenever I  get discouraged or tired. Homeschooling is a blessing.

Thank you, God for this calling! Thank you for allowing our family to homeschool our kids. Thank you for your Holy Spirit that always reminds us to be humble and pray for wisdom.

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Information Technology Director, by day. Writer and website builder at night. Mom, Wife, and homeschool teacher in between.

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