I have been into the IT Industry for 18 years! I started with raw html tags, then switched to C, then found Java. The Web Applications showed its face, and I branched out to J2EE and Javascript. Then a little bit of SQL to query database for a complete developer experience. Somewhere along the way, boredom had me managed to switch to the other side of software development cycle, implementation and administration.

It has been a great journey that included a lot of ups and downs. In fact, my love life and my IT career travelled in opposite directions most of the time. While my career is budding, there is no love life in sight! When love life is nearby, career seem to become a blur. You have that, too, huh? But, well, God’s redirection of my path got my IT career and love life travelling on the same path.

The path I’ve taken has been rewarding financially. I can’t complain how much blessings I got from it. It also open up several opportunities, including the blessing to migrate here in the United States, start a family, and have a corporate career.

Now, that is the explicit part of the equation. Implicit part is that along the way, I almost lost myself. I was very engrossed with the coding, and troubleshooting. The were nights wherein I was in thin line between hallucination and nightmare. Talk about trying to find a code bug in my dreams!

My day time did not make any difference either. There is a thin line between reality or the so-called life. It is about getting into the realm of high self of being able to control computers, and tell them what to do. It is like being lost among reality, life, dream, nightmare, and hallucination on the mix. I called it my world. Don’t mess with it, or you will get deleted.

My phone conversation with my parents and siblings started getting shorter. Disappearing at some point. While I am on the other line with them and I know that they are on the other line, most of my brain goes into that realm of my world. My own world wherein I could shape it with the way I want it. I’m controlling computers, remember? What else could I not control?

I allowed myself to be there only to get into the reality that I’m out of control. Life becomes work, and work becomes life. The distinction between the two creates an infinite loop. Should I add “passion” into the equation? I don’t even know where it fits in. Would it negate my statement or make it positive?


Should I say I am found? A heartbreak, so bad it got me back to reality. I can’t control my world after all. Life is not something I can hold on to, but something I can let go of to get the real deal. Life is not within the bounds of computers, it is outside of that. In fact, life has nothing to do with computers at all. While picking up the pieces, there is God’s mercy that glued all pieces together. The bug is all cleared up and my world opened up to a production level. Ready to be viewed and serve purpose.

There is a world outside of my world. I have my parents and siblings who never abandon me. I have friends, very few, that trusted I will find my way back. Then, a church that changed it all. That special bond and relationship that I once had – as a little girl, and a budding teenager in a tiny town in the Philippines – with God is re-established. The rest is history.

I became a better being, finding purpose and direction. The financial blessings became a gift of giving. For the next five years, I opened up my world to God’s beautiful creation for real. The mountains, and the flowing rivers become my witness to a changed purpose. As I look back, I knew that God has always been there. Allowing me to exercise my freewill, but never left me.

I’m still in Information Technology, all right. But no longer confined to my world.


I have to beat the temptation to teach my kids how to code. I don’t like them to get lost into that realm of my world, and not realizing their real purpose in life early on. Getting them into the right foundation and thoughts that would allow them to face the world in the right mindset, and right worldview. Armed with the truth and wisdom, that only God can provide.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to raise primitive kids. In fact, we use technologies in our homeschooling. They also see me work with computers, and how we can speed up processes using computers. But I will not allow them to rely on it so much that they forget about the outside world.

I would teach them about how science and information technology work. I would teach them about security, and how to protect themselves from being eaten up by the world of social media. I would teach them about how computer network would work together.

I will teach them to get connected to the world around them, and observe. To provide solution on problems that can be solved by creating new products. I will teach them to dream big and apply the laws of science without disrespecting it. (If they ever need someone to code, there is a process called hiring.

Along with this, I will teach them self-worth. Beautifully created, and paid with a price. Their life purpose is far beyond what the computers can provide. Most of all, I will teach them how to use the technology to help others, to be productive, and to make impact to their community. Eventually, to make impact to the world.

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