Day 11: “Using Technology in our Learning”

Technology has been a big part of our learning. We have been investing on online video learning through Abeka Academy. Our first step to instill independent learning is getting each of our grade school kids their own learning laptop. Apple’s Education pricing came in handy.

With the videos and their own laptop, they embark to their daily learning. The ownership of their own laptop allows them to engage with other activities like learning softwares (Keynote, Page, etc). They can have self-learning with their own pace. Few months having their own device, they have created stories and animation using softwares they have learned.

The iPad Pro and Apple pencil came in handy as our whiteboard for Arithmetic problems. While we still have a physical whiteboard in our walls, using iPad as whiteboard makes it more portable for us. We can have learning done while traveling long distance.

There are apps we use to identify plants and insects. Even our simple daily walks becomes a learning opportunity. We have almost identified the insects, the plants, the weeds that we see. We don’t have to second guess what it is.

Learning music became one of the most beneficial learning we have done using apps. We subscribed to Joy Tune’s Simply Piano and started learning. The result is more amazing than I have expected.

Technology provides a lot of benefits in our child’s learning. To make sure they do not go to sites that are fraudulent, I manage their screen viewing and only allows specific time, sites and applications. Instead of going against it, we embrace its benefits.

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Information Technology Director, by day. Writer and website builder at night. Mom, Wife, and homeschool teacher in between.

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