Day 4: “When Gold and Bugs Unite”

Did I mention we love science? Abeka’s 5th grade science suggested to find a golden rod jungle to observe the bugs that comes to visit. It is one of those amazing relationship that God has created. The golden rod – with its bright golden color – attract different kinds of bugs, and offer its nectar.Continue reading “Day 4: “When Gold and Bugs Unite””

Day 3: “At the end of a mess is a…”

Wanting to get the most of our night sleep, we have designated Wednesday as our skill enhancement day. We do not have to wake up early every Wednesday, and we only need to complete two subjects during the day. The rest of the day will be spent doing anything. We scheduled music (voice/music) lessons duringContinue reading “Day 3: “At the end of a mess is a…””

Day 2: “Science is the Study of God’s Creation.”

Studying Science has been one of the most-awaited subject in our day.  This is where we learn a lot of wonders together as a family. Best part of them all is that the books that we are using fully integrate it to what the Bible says. The very first Bible verse that they have everContinue reading “Day 2: “Science is the Study of God’s Creation.””

Drop Managing people in your team, do these instead…

Today’s leadership is shifting. It is no longer the manager-subordinate kind of relationship but a mutual symbiotic one where both parties learned from the interaction.  Managers are no longer hired to managed, but are hired with a higher calling or purpose.  That is to empower the people in your team. Let me explain what I justContinue reading “Drop Managing people in your team, do these instead…”

Finding Purpose in Our Blessings

It has been three weeks since I have learned about my work promotion. While it is meant to be days of fulfillment, the past two weeks went on with a lot of processing. Don’t get me wrong. When I learned about the promotion, my family celebrated. With a grateful heart we can only think ofContinue reading “Finding Purpose in Our Blessings”

Don’t Quit! Even when it gets Harder…

This season in the Junior Bible Quiz, one of my daughters was near quitting. “It is starting to get harder..,” she says. I convinced her to keep quizzing by telling her “not because it is becoming harder, means we have to give up. It just means we have to work harder. I used the pronounContinue reading “Don’t Quit! Even when it gets Harder…”