Learning History

For visual learners, this is how we study history. Not only for my daughter but also for me. I like History very much. But having studied in the Philippines, I have only studied Philippine History (off course), Asian History, and World History. World History touches mostly how the world was discovered. Barely remembering if United … Continue reading Learning History

This is the Age of Learning

When I first told my families and friends that we are homeschooling, we got different reactions. One of the thoughts that surfaced is that they are very scared that their kids won’t learn anything if they take them out of the regular school.

The Power of Homeschooling

I first heard about homeschooling when I was watching this series for group of gymnasts wanting to go to olympics. Then, I heard about Disney stars doing the same thing. So I thought homeschooling are for  busy people who doesn’t have time to attend regular school. Then, I read about Bo Sanchez’s article about homeschooling. This … Continue reading The Power of Homeschooling

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