Day 11: “Using Technology in our Learning”

Technology has been a big part of our learning. We have been investing on online video learning through Abeka Academy. Our first step to instill independent learning is getting each of our grade school kids their own learning laptop. Apple’s Education pricing came in handy. With the videos and their own laptop, they embark toContinue reading “Day 11: “Using Technology in our Learning””

Day 10: “One Day at a Time”

Wanting to finish second grading period before the year ends (we started September) is my goal. Most homeschoolers would say, stick to your schedule. Mark your calendar with a pen, instead of a pencil. So that everything will be permanent. I was doing just that. Wait a minute, I have to remind myself that weContinue reading “Day 10: “One Day at a Time””

Day 9: “The Blessing of Homeschooling”

On our Day 9, we decided to join a camping trip with fellow homeschoolers that we haven’t met. It was a 3 days/2 night trip but we forego of the first night. We came Saturday morning, stayed overnight and left Sunday morning. We didn’t have a lot of expectations on this one since we don’tContinue reading “Day 9: “The Blessing of Homeschooling””

Day 7: “Up Close and Personal with Verbs”

We were on our 7th day. My 5th grader, fresh from her “punishment”, is the most attentive student I ever had. We are tackling verb phrases on sentences such as like this: Then the Venus flytrap will quickly clamp down and digest the fly.  She will need to underline the verb phrase which are willContinue reading “Day 7: “Up Close and Personal with Verbs””

Day 4: “When Gold and Bugs Unite”

Did I mention we love science? Abeka’s 5th grade science suggested to find a golden rod jungle to observe the bugs that comes to visit. It is one of those amazing relationship that God has created. The golden rod – with its bright golden color – attract different kinds of bugs, and offer its nectar.Continue reading “Day 4: “When Gold and Bugs Unite””

Day 3: “At the end of a mess is a…”

Wanting to get the most of our night sleep, we have designated Wednesday as our skill enhancement day. We do not have to wake up early every Wednesday, and we only need to complete two subjects during the day. The rest of the day will be spent doing anything. We scheduled music (voice/music) lessons duringContinue reading “Day 3: “At the end of a mess is a…””

Day 2: “Science is the Study of God’s Creation.”

Studying Science has been one of the most-awaited subject in our day.  This is where we learn a lot of wonders together as a family. Best part of them all is that the books that we are using fully integrate it to what the Bible says. The very first Bible verse that they have everContinue reading “Day 2: “Science is the Study of God’s Creation.””