The Future of Work: Automation and Your Power to Connect

The future of work demands for automation. For some, it may sound scary as it might mean losing job, or being obsolete. For the few chosen ones, automation is like a dream coming true. It is like having additional power to do something else while the machine works hard for your other tasks. Whichever sideContinue reading “The Future of Work: Automation and Your Power to Connect”

Drop Managing people in your team, do these instead…

Today’s leadership is shifting. It is no longer the manager-subordinate kind of relationship but a mutual symbiotic one where both parties learned from the interaction.  Managers are no longer hired to managed, but are hired with a higher calling or purpose.  That is to empower the people in your team. Let me explain what I justContinue reading “Drop Managing people in your team, do these instead…”

Finding Purpose in Our Blessings

It has been three weeks since I have learned about my work promotion. While it is meant to be days of fulfillment, the past two weeks went on with a lot of processing. Don’t get me wrong. When I learned about the promotion, my family celebrated. With a grateful heart we can only think ofContinue reading “Finding Purpose in Our Blessings”

Don’t Quit! Even when it gets Harder…

This season in the Junior Bible Quiz, one of my daughters was near quitting. “It is starting to get harder..,” she says. I convinced her to keep quizzing by telling her “not because it is becoming harder, means we have to give up. It just means we have to work harder. I used the pronounContinue reading “Don’t Quit! Even when it gets Harder…”

Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ): A Closer Look

The Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) is a quizzing competition among teams with predetermined list of questions and answers referencing different parts of the Bible.  There is X-League level for younger quizzers, the Novice Level (1st to 6th graders) for first time quizzers, and Experienced Level (1st to 6th grades) that had quizzed previously. The predeterminedContinue reading “Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ): A Closer Look”

Homeschooling and full-time job really possible? 

Good news is that it is 100% possible but it is not easy. However, with proper time management, different mindset about learning, enough learning budget and being highly productive, it is entirely possible, and still keep some volunteer activities without going crazy. Complete Change of Mindset about Learning The very first step is to changeContinue reading “Homeschooling and full-time job really possible? “