Curriculum Guides

We have list of curriculum we definitely love! Yes, not all curriculum are created equal. While we are totally crazy about these curriculum, we make sure that they work for us. These serve as guides for us to learn. We found ways to “hack” these curriculums so that learning abounds in our home. No meltdown. Just pure learning. Allow us to share our experiences with these lesson plans, and be transformed on how these can help you in your daily learning.

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Day 11: “Using Technology in our Learning”

Technology has been a big part of our learning. We have been investing on online video learning through Abeka Academy. Our first step to instill independent learning is getting each of our grade school kids their own learning laptop. Apple’s Education pricing came in handy. With the videos and their own laptop, they embark to…

Day 10: “One Day at a Time”

Wanting to finish second grading period before the year ends (we started September) is my goal. Most homeschoolers would say, stick to your schedule. Mark your calendar with a pen, instead of a pencil. So that everything will be permanent. I was doing just that. Wait a minute, I have to remind myself that we…

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