It started 11 years ago

It was probably one of my down most moment. It was probably that time when things are not matching up and everything else is everywhere. It was probably that time when I thought I was nothing. Until that day I came across a book full of photographs.

I was in a bookstore. I was more of looking for some help books to get me up. Then, I bump into this book that is full of pictures. Not only pictures but photos that I believe are so awesome. My confidence level rise up. I unconsciously told myself, “I could also take pictures like this.” Next thing I knew, I was at the photography/interest aisle looking for photography books.

(Had I bump into a book full of food pictures, I might have ended up looking for cook book. Lol).

I got the Photography for Dummies book. Then, I finished reading chapter 1, chapter 2, and I barely noticed that the book store is closing. Before I called it a day I was already armed with things to do and things to learn.

Next thing I knew was that I was already loading a film to my first SLR camera and about to take my first shot..

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