Chasing God’s Dream

This my intimate way of sharing God’s thoughts that He fills my mind with. Like an inspiration that keeps me going everyday. A picture that tells more than what it seems. A Bible verse that keeps knocking. A song that keeps playing. A dream that I can only chase. With God that enables me, and a savior – Jesus Christ – who allows me to write these things. A savior who allows me to hope that every breath is worth an ounce of opportunity to write for him. It is an opportunity to be a witness to His woundrous grace, and love.

My friend, it is not an accident that you are led to this site. I pray that this journal inspires you to keep chasing God’s dream for you.

Living in a place that I didn’t grow up on, and eight thousand (8,000) miles away from my family post a lot of challenges. Everyday, I ask yourself if I made the right decision of moving to this place. Every week, I ask yourself what am I doing here.

But then, everyday there is God’s grace that keeps me going. Everyday, there is God’s love that keeps me loving more. Everyday, there is God’s faithfulness that keeps me hoping more. My husband and my three girls would have not made it this far without God’s love that embraces us everyday.

Chasing God’s dream is not easy. But it is going to be the best dream I would ever pursue. No longer burdened by the past but starting anew towards the present and the future.


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