My Story

Growing up from a developing country, learning became very essential. From simple to complex household chores to academics. My mother as a teacher spurs this necessity. I started going to school as early as 5 years old. In the 80s this was early since most kids in our country did not go to school until they are 7 years old. I graduated from college (pre-law bachelor’s degree) at a very tender age of 20. At that point, I was focused on going to law school. But something changed it (another story). Now what? At that point while I knew a lot and had academic medals hanging on my neck, I could not find a sensible job. Simply because I do not know what I wanted to do next.

Not being satisfied with being stagnant, I started to break out of my comfort zones and took learning to a higher level. I started reading computer books and to my surprise, I understood them. That started a whole new learning experience to me. The result is enormous.

Fast forward, my husband and I had the chance to migrate to the United States of America. Armed with skills about Information Technology, we started to build a presence  in the US, and a family. Being on a different country started another branch of learning. It was a very exciting moment trying to fuse ourselves to the Western Culture with an Asian Upbringing. There were several foods and cuisine to discover, phrases to learn, and places to visit. Our world started to expand more.

Then we have kids. Another brach of learning — motherhood. When my kids started to learn their ABCs and 123s, something started to spark in me. Not only that I love learning, I also love teaching. In fact, it became very clear to me that it is God’s given gift to me. So as early as possible, I started “homeschooling” them. What looked like a temporary bonding session with kids became a lot more permanent. Our homeschooling brought a lot more learning experience for both my kids and myself. Our learning is becoming more exciting that I started writing curriculums, too. Learners shares for free, so watch out for free curriculums coming soon!

After fighting the cold weather (or should I says freezing) in the Northeast we decided to move Southeast. This move gave us a different flavor of United States. My learning and teaching passions became more intense as I learn another culture and discovering similarities of this place from my country of origin.

That’s a lot of learning, huh? From birth, to simple household chores, to school years, to university days, to embarking a career about information technology, to being a wife, to being a mom, to being a homeschool teacher,  to living the most natural way possible.

Join me in my site and we keep learning together. This site will be ad free so that we could enjoy to keep learning.